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About Vision Aqua
We would like to introduce Vision Aqua as a passionate inititaive to promote Nature Conservation, Organic Living and protection of our ocean world and greenery around us.

In today's concrete jungle, our children are glued to mobile phones and video games, forgetting that they are the future of the country and it is their responsibility to protect and conserve mother nature.

Vision Aqua is the Exclusive National Distributor for Biopod. Please visit and for more details

Vision Aqua has been set up with some clear objectives in our mind viz

1. Designing the best customised aquatic scapes in India with ONLY natural elements
2. Protecting moter nature via aquatic plantation, Japanese Koi Ponds and high end aquariums which promote fish breeding, growth and set up of a bio cycle
3. Educating children and adults alike on the fact that an aquarium is just not a hobby but a serious science for education of nature, care, patience and conservation
4. Educating the community on using smart micro habitats to produce and consume healthy organic herbs by using nature biotopes

We have been speakers on 'Vector Control Aquaponics and Theoretical Filtration' at the International Aquarium Congress 2016 at Vancouver, Canada, which is a society for environment conservation and marine science. Vision Aqua is the only company from India to be a part of this world class convention which happens once in 4 years. Details can be checked at

​We have also been an active participant in ABID 2016, ABID 2017 in Kolkata and the GIAS 2016 in Guangzhou, China.

We have been selected as Preferred Vendors at the Bengal NRI Urbana Residential Complex Welfare Association

We also have our India's first 1500 square feet premium Biopod and Aqua Design Amano Gallery at 2A Elgin Road, Kolkata 700020. Our prestigious clients include Kolkata Airport, CISF, BSF, Senses Hotel Liqua Bar, Magma House, Nurturing Green and many more